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July Construction Updates for Dixon High School and Jefferson Elementary. Click the image for a larger view.


 DHS Update July 2019  Jefferson Update July 2019 




May Construction Updates for Dixon High School and Jefferson Elementary. Click the image for a larger view. 

   DHS Update May 2019  Jefferson Update May 2019





March 2019 Jefferson Construction Update. Click the image for a larger view. 


Jefferson 3-2019





September, 2018 - Work has begun on building the new greenhouse at Dixon High School.  Substantial funds for the greenhouse have been provided by a grant from The Monsanto Fund.

The greenhouse being built is the Junior Teaching Greenhouse from greenhousemegastore.com.

Click the images below to review the plans for the greenhouse.

001_junior_cover_page 002_junior_foundation_plan 003_junior_equipment_plan 004_junior_elevations


007_junior_optional_bench_layout 008_junior_optional_evaporative_cooling_plan










Monthly Updates

At each monthly Board of Education meeting, and update is provided on the construction and renovation occuring throughout the District.  Brett Ketelsen from Russell Construction Managers and Kevin Schultz, Director of Building and Grounds, provides the board members, administrators, and community members with status updates as well as upcoming projects.  Attached are the updates provided to date.

September updates. Click images to see larger versions

dhs-sept2018 jeff-sept2018     




July updates.  Click images to see larger versions.






June updates.  Click images to see larger version





May updates. Click images to enlarge.






    April updates. Click images to enlarge. 






Dixon Public Schools would like to thank Mr. Zach Hill from Fat Finger Photography for the drone video of the work being done at Dixon High School.  Mr. Hill's footage shows the scope of the work being done at DHS.  It has been a huge undertaking that will yield beautiful results when it is finished in the summer of 2019.  We are thankful to our students and staff for putting up with the daily disruptions, and the talented work force who is bringing this building up to code.

The videos below were taken on 4-20-2018 at Dixon High School.


Click here to go to a slide show of the masonry work being done at Dixon High School. Images are from February 28th, 2018

Dixon Logo 

The Board of Education held a Special Meeting on Wednesday, January 31, 2018.  The purpose of the meeting was to clarify, through the passing of a resolution, the work that is to be done utilizing the Alternate Revenue Bonds and Health/Life Safety Bonds.  The attached resolution, signed by the Board President and Board Secretary, outlines the work to be done.  If you have further questions, please contact the District Office at (815) 284-7722.                                                                                                                       



Click here to view the signed resolution.


Click the images below to enlarge to see the work planned for Dixon High School, Washington Elementary and Jefferson Elementary.

DHS Plan 2018 Jefferson Plan 2018 Washington Plan 2018





The Construction season has officially begun at Dixon High School!  Starting the week of January 29th many changes were seen at the front of DHS.  Safety fencing and a gravel drive were a major change to the left of the main door 1 entrance.  A scaffolding tower staircase that allows access to the 2nd floor roof also went up in the same time period.  Most recently the scaffolding construction that will eventually encompass the entire tower section above the 2nd floor roof line can be seen increasing in size.  This is all in preparation for the tower masonry repair that should begin around February 12th.  Attached are a few photos detailing the progress of the work.  Keep watch for more pictures as time passes.

While only the students and staff can see the changes happening on the inside of DHS, there is still a lot of work being done.  Over Christmas break the entire 3rd floor classroom areas (9 classrooms in all) had the asbestos “glue pucks” removed from the ceilings and a couple of the classrooms had the asbestos floor tile removed while they were in the area.  Most recently four classrooms on the West end of the 2nd floor repeated the process that happened on the 3rd floor.  Starting February 19th four additional classrooms on the 2nd floor (East end) will also be done.   Lastly over spring break, the remaining 6 classrooms will see the asbestos removed.  This work is all in preparation for the major renovations on the main 4 story section of DHS.

dhs_tower_scaffolding_1.31.18 dhs_tower_scaffolding_pic_4_1.31.18 dhs_tower_scaffolding_pic_5_1.31 dhs_tower_scaffolding_pic_3_1.31.18


ceiling_int_dhs_201 interior_201_dhs

int_dhs_teachers_lounge tower_dhs_scaffolding



 tower_scaffolding_2.7.18.1 tower_scaffolding_2.7.18

2 Additional Tower Scaffolding pictures added February 7, 2018

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