Our City, Our Students, Our Future

The management and upkeep of school facilities is always an ongoing process.  This information on this page will attempt to highlight some of the more significant projects taking place to make our facilities safer for our students, staff and community.


The summer of 2017 is the start of a multi-year effort to address some significant Health, Life and Safety issues at Dixon High School.  There will also be some maintenance projects at Washington and Jefferson schools over the summer.  Check back here for photos and updates.

 In June, 2017, work was done to replace the bleacher in the large gym at Dixon High School.




 Exterior work and inspections are being done on Dixon High School



Stairs and entrances are being redone.






 There is some digging and work taking place on the back parking lot at Dixon High School.



There is some work going on in some Dixon High School classrooms.


The following photos were taken on August 1st at Dixon High School and show the work taking place on the 4th floor and exterior work on the backside of the building.

DHS 4th Floor 8-1-2017  DHS Gym Roof 8-1-2017

DHS Pit 8-1-2017   DHS Steps 8-1-2017

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