Dixon Schools is pleased to have a local Foundation that supports the local schools and students. This space is provided for the Foundations organizational information.

The Foundation’s annual fundraiser is the Stupor Bowl.

Foundation Board Members

Rob Lesage, ChairpersonPat BushmanGeoff Vanderlin
Tom Wadsworth, Vice ChairpersonMargo EmpenJen Kuehl
Joan Roth, Treasurer

Mission Statement

"To actively involve citizens, businesses and alumni in enhancing the Dixon Public Schools by encouraging participation of both ideas and tax-deductible contributions to the Foundation for the purpose of providing the quality extras that are not possible through normal taxation"

The Dixon Public School District Foundation has been established to provide interested citizens the opportunity to enhance educational programs for students by making tax-deductible contributions to Dixon Public Schools.

The Foundation is controlled by a seven member voluntary Board of Directors. Although the Foundation works in cooperation with the Dixon Public School Board of Education, it is a separate body governed by its own bylaws. The Foundation encourages the continuing partnership of education, business and community.The foundation was not established to fund the basic education of our students. Its intent is to provide the extras that the school district has not been able to provide due to its financial constraints, and to enrich the basic education of our students by offering special opportunities not provided by the district.