Photo of student writing on a large screen

Thanks to a grant from the Donaldson Foundation, a number of classrooms at Dixon High School have been upgraded with 65” Interactive Viewsonic screens. Previously, the classrooms used interactive boards with projectors, but the new boards include a number of enhancements, like brighter screens. The old projector setup meant that people standing in front of the board would always block a portion of the image, making full use of the screen challenging.

The new screens also come with a robust set of built in features for educators. The new features include direct integration with the commonly used productivity services from Microsoft and Google which allow the teachers to access curriculum tools directly from the board without needing to connect their laptops.

DHS English teacher, Mrs. Hansen, requested one of the new boards to enhance her classroom.  “My students use the screens to complete our daily grammar practice. They enjoy writing on the screen and having so many color options.”

With more in-person learning taking place, our staff and students are enjoying engaging in more interactive group activities where the feedback is more immediate and the learning process more hands on.

The Donaldson Foundation has been very generous with Dixon High School, providing funding for a number of technology initiatives over the past 10 years. Specifically, Donaldson has funded new computers for the Multi-Media labs at Dixon High School as well as computers for the One to One rollout, providing high school students with touchscreen Chromebooks.  The Foundation provided funding to purchase a dozen new boards, which were installed by the district Maintenance and Technology staff.

Photo - A student in Mrs. Hansens's class completes the daily grammar practice

Main Photo - A student in Mr. Tate's Spanish classroom working on a foreign language activity