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The information below is a copy of a Press Release from City Manager Danny Langloss.  The #DixonStrong survey will help provide information for community planning and we encourage everyone to participate.

Press Release 

August 30, 2019

“#DixonStrong Leadership Team Launches 2nd Survey:  Survey to be One Component of Community Center Needs Assessment.” 

The Dixon Park District has announced the next major project in it’s vision for serving the people of Dixon: A Community Center.  The Park District has asked the #DixonStrong Leadership Team to assess the community’s interest in the vision and to determine what amenities the community would like to see in the new Community Center.  This brief, 14-question survey, will take less than five minutes to complete.  The survey will be open for two weeks.  By completing the survey, our citizens can help shape the future of Dixon! 

Citizens can go to the Dixon Park District, City of Dixon, or Dixon Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Website (DCCMS) website to take the survey.  Where applicable, the survey can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sites for the park district, City, school district, and DCCMS.  Citizens can go to the DCCMS office to take the survey if they do not have access to the internet.  A direct link to the survey is:

The park district is using a four pronged approach to determine the final amenities to be included in the community center:  (1) Community needs assessment survey, (2) Dixon Park District needs assessment, (3) Dixon Public School District needs assessment, and (4) Dixon Family YMCA needs assessment.  Once all the information is gathered, the park district will make a final determination on the community center amenities. 

Dixon Park District Executive Director Duane Long said, “We are excited to continue to engage our citizens as we find ways to care for the youth in our community.  While the community center is a major project, it is just one piece of the long-term vision we are creating.”  Over the past year, the park district has created Water Wonderland, Zip Line Playground, opened frisbee golf in Lowell Park, made significant improvements to the Miller Golf Driving Range, added parking at Al Morrison Baseball Field, added water features to the splash pad by Memorial Pool, and put in place plans for an outdoor ice skating rink this winter in Page Park.  Long added, “There are more plans in place and our vision will be comprehensive.  We are looking at numerous funding options to include grants and private / public partnerships.” 

About #DixonStrong:

#DixonStrong is an independent and informal think tank with one goal: listen to the people of the Dixon area and support its organizations to accomplish a shared vision of a better life for everyone in our great town. #DixonStrong is actively working to support the Dixon Park District, Dixon School District, City of Dixon, and Dixon Family YMCA.   

#DixonStrong is in process of building a website and hope to have the site live within the next two weeks.  #DixonStrong will work to bring full transparency to every project our team supports.  There will be significant information forthcoming on the community center, from location to funding to ongoing operations and maintenance costs.  #DixonStrong will also be releasing the prior community survey results in the near future.