Miss Suzanne Weaver - ISBE Recognition

Dixon Public School District #170 is proud to announce that Miss Suzanne Weaver, classroom teacher, has been awarded the Award of Recognition by the Illinois State Board of Education for the 2019-2020 school year.  Miss Weaver was recognized this past weekend at the 45th annual Those Who Excel banquet in Bloomington-Normal.

Miss Weaver was nominated for her work as a 6th grade science teacher at Reagan Middle School.  Suzanne has taught for the District for 24 years, and is currently the 3rd grade Accelerated teacher at Jefferson School.

Mr. Andrew Bullock, RMS Principal, highlighted Suzanne’s dedication in the classroom and placing the needs of her students at the forefront of everything she does.  “She is energetic and her energy translates to students in her classroom.  She is a faculty leader and is quick to become involved in committee work.  She has done no greater work than as a member of our building Safety and Security Committee.  Through her leadership, protocols were created to ensure the safest environment for our students and staff.  Her action have helped to prepare everyone to respond correctly and efficiently in the event a crisis occurs.  Her efforts both inside and outside the classroom have been outstanding.  Our District has been a better place for having her here.”

Mr. Matt Magnafici, RMS Assistant Principal, states that Suzanne is an outstanding educator who challenges herself to get better every day.  “She has a clear vision of the big picture and all of the components that interact to make schools a safe, positive learning environment for each student.  Suzanne consistently goes beyond what is required.  Her interest is in quality outcomes and she is always willing to put in whatever time it takes to make sure that happens.”

Teachers who are considered for this award must be nominated by an employee of the District, have four letters of recommendation, and provide a professional biography. The nominee must also have experience and proven success in the areas of Philosophy of Teaching, Student Success, Collaboration, and Teaching Profession strength and accountability. 

Mrs. Margo Empen, Superintendent, believes Miss Weaver is an excellent example of Those Who Excel.  “Suzanne give 110% to everything she does!  Her focus on each individual student’s need and learning style is at the forefront of everything that she does.  Her joy and enthusiasm are contagious and her students and staff members enjoy being in her presence.  We are proud that ISBE has recognized Miss Weaver as a Teacher of Recognition, and we are blessed she is a part of the Dixon Public School family!”