Logos of school district, police and state's attorney

                                                                                                                        May 12, 2021                        


On May 11th, 2021, the Lee County State’s Attorney Office began conducting a discharge hearing which concluded with closing arguments on May 12th.  The hearing was in regards to Matthew Milby Jr. and the shooting incident that occurred at the Dixon High School on May 16th, 2018.  At the conclusion of the discharge hearing, Judge Redington found Mr. Milby Jr. not not guilty on Attempt Murder of Mark Dallas, Attempt Murder of Andrew McKay, Aggravated Discharge of a Firearm against Mark Dallas, and Aggravated Discharge of a Firearm at a School.  Judge Redington acquitted the Defendant of two counts of Aggravated Discharge of a Firearm against Andrew McKay.  Based upon the Court’s findings, Mr. Milby Jr. will be remanded to the custody of the Department of Human Services for a period of time not to exceed two (2) years to attain fitness.  If Mr. Milby Jr. does not attain fitness within two years, then the State can move to have Mr. Milby Jr. civilly committed up to the maximum sentence on the highest charge (Attempt Murder Against Mark Dallas).  That period of time could be up to eighty (80) years at the discretion of the Department of Human Services. 

Lee County State’s Attorney Charley Boonstra stated, “I am happy that Officer Dallas and Teacher Andrew McKay had an opportunity to tell the public what happened to them on May 16, 2018.  The officers of the Dixon Police Department, Lee County Sheriff’s Office, the Illinois State Police, and the scientists at the Illinois State Police Crime Lab all put in incredible hours to help us put this case before the judge.  I would especially like to recognize my First Assistant, Brian Brim, and Victim Witness Coordinators, Sara Leisner and Kayla Forsell, for their tireless efforts and consummate professionalism. I could not be prouder of the efforts of the Lee County State’s Attorney’s Office and this incredible team of law enforcement professionals we are privileged to work with every day.”

Margo Empen, Superintendent of the Dixon Public Schools stated, “This brings to conclusion a difficult chapter in the history of the District and provides some closure to the graduating class of 2018.  The teachers, employees, and students of the District remain grateful for the quick-thinking actions of Officer Mark Dallas and Coach Andrew McKay at the time of the underlying incident.  Both of these individuals remain an inspiration to all of us within the District.   We also publicly thank Chief Steve Howell of the City of Dixon Police Department, the Illinois State Police, all other law enforcement representatives involved in the investigation of this matter, the Office of Lee County States Attorney Charley Boonstra, and the countless other employees of the District that played a role in reaching this conclusion.  We look forward to moving ahead with the mission of the District.  Our pride in the Dixon area, our students, and the collaborative relationship we have with our local law enforcement remains strong.”

Chief Steven C. Howell Jr. stated, “I would like to thank our State’s Attorney Charley Boonstra and his team for their countless hours of preparation for this discharge hearing.  I’m hopeful that today’s ruling will give the Dixon High School students and staff, and our Dixon community, a sense of closure.  To Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS personnel who responded to the Dixon High School that day, may they find comfort in knowing that their work in our community keeps us all safe and that their job was well-done.”