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We are already a month into the school year and it has been encouraging to all our staff to have our students back in the buildings for full instructional days.  As a district we are continually trying to improve the learning experience for our students. The purpose of this letter is to inform our families that we are piloting two ELA (English Language Arts) curriculum resources this year.  The resources are called Amplify CKLA (K-8) and Savvas My View (K-5) and My Perspectives (6-8).  Four teachers at each grade level (K-5) are participating in this piloting work.  Our 6-8 ELA teachers are all participating in the pilot.  

Last year the district curriculum committee which is comprised of teachers, administrators, and a school board member met numerous times to review our curricular needs.  In addition, small groups of teachers worked together to do a thorough analysis of current ELA resources and decided to pilot both Amplify and Savvas.  The following links will take you to these resources.  

We have 3 main goals for doing these curriculum resource pilots:

  1. Our teachers have expressed the desire to have a research based, vertically and horizontally aligned ELA curriculum resource.
  2. Piloting will allow us to fully vet what the resources have to offer and measure the effect on student growth.
  3. The goal to continually provide our students with a challenging instructional experience that addresses their learning needs.  

It won’t be long before our elementary teachers will be sending home report cards.  During the piloting process we have discovered that our K-3 standards-based report cards do not always chronologically align with the order standards are covered in these new curricular resources.  It is for this reason some of our K-3 parents will see additional information in this year’s report cards. 

If you have any questions please contact your child’s teacher, building principal, or Assistant Superintendent Doug Stansford.


Doug Stansford

Assistant Superintendent

Dixon Public Schools #170

“Go Purple”