Still image from weather camera on the high school roof

This summer, high school students Collin Tran-Howland and Owen Willey joined DPS Tech Staff members Paul Wilson, Caden Southard and Kymin Hussung to move and update the weather station and camera on top of Dixon High School. 

The weather station runs on a Raspberry Pi computer, which recently failed and had to be replaced.  In addition to replacing the weather station core computer, the station, sensors and camera were moved to a new location on top of Dixon High School. 

The weather conditions and live camera run 24 hours a day and stream on Youtube for the community to access.  The camera provides a real time view of downtown Dixon and current weather conditions as well as forecast information, displayed in the camera view. 

We have great students at Dixon High School and they contribute to make our schools better every day.

The current live feed and past videos can be viewed on Youtube via this link.